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Emily Hays

Emily  Hays
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    There is something special about the first time a family walks into the house of their dreams. You can see it in their eyes. Their shoulders relax, they start talking about the heirloom furniture that will fit perfectly in a certain space, and where they will put their Christmas tree. For Emily, that’s the magical part of this job. Born and raised in Shreveport, La, she grew up with a grandfather who built houses and often let her explore the building sites. She dreamed of being an architect, but settled on a non-profit adventure after college. She never expected to live back in Shreveport/Bossier, but settled here with her husband Phil after years overseas. 4 children were born soon after and roots started to be planted. Emily’s love of houses piqued an interest in real estate and once the last of the babies started school, she jumped into the real estate industry.

    What was supposed to be a part time gig quickly turned into a full time career. She was the rookie of the year her first year in the business at Coldwell Banker. After several years as an independent agent, she teamed up with Andy Osborn and they started a successful partnership. They have been the top small team in the state of Louisiana each year of the partnership. Awards and achievements came quickly, but relationships with clients that turned into friends were the reason that Emily continued to work. Getting to be a part of the story of each house, whether in a happy situation or a sad one, is the “why” for Emily.

    Emily and her family attend Broadmoor Baptist Church where she teaches an 8th grade girls small group. She also is the varsity soccer coach at Airline High School. She loves to travel with her family and cheer her children on in whatever sport or activity they are currently participating in. She works in all aspects of the industry, selling and listing both residential and commercial properties, negotiating commercial leases and working with investors to build a real estate portfolio.

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