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Stonewall in Louisiana is a town that though small, has so many great points. First, it’s set in beautiful countryside, wherever you are in the town, you’re likely to be surrounded by greenery and wide open space. Then there’s the people. This is a very friendly and welcoming neighborhood, that has a history built upon families caring and looking out for each other, a tradition very much alive today. Many small towns claim a strong sense of community, but here it’s a way of life. Friends and neighbors are part of the fabric of living without being intrusive. Add to this a very affordable cost of living, excellent schools for the children, great amenities, and some very attractive real estate and you have a community that’s drawing the attention of those looking to move.

If all those elements are on your wish list for your dream community, we’d like to invite you to take a look at the homes for sale in Stonewall, LA.

Welcome to Stonewall, LA

Stonewall, LA is probably among the most welcoming communities in the state. This is partly because it is a small town with just one neighborhood. It is a place where relationships can be built, grown, and made to last a lifetime. Without intruding into each other’s privacy, the families who have made a home in Stonewall have built ties that can be regarded as trustworthy and genuine; one can even call these community bonds “close” a quality that is very rare in today’s fast-paced, impersonal world.

Location and population

With a population that hovers at around the 2,500 mark, Stonewall has been rated as among the fastest-growing communities. Louisiana also ranks Stonewall among the top 5.9 percent of all family-friendly neighborhoods. Not surprisingly, homes for sale in Stonewall, LA have been getting more and more inquiries by the day.

Stonewall is tucked within the DeSoto Parish in Louisiana, giving it space and adequate distance from the busier cities. Yet it has easy access to Highway 171, a four-lane highway. The neighboring town of Shreveport is also just six miles away from Stonewall; and so is Interstate 9. So if you start to feel like you’re missing urban living on its usual scale, you and your family can take a quick ride to one of Louisiana’s bigger cities before returning to the serenity that is your home in Stonewall.

Other states outside of Louisiana are also within convenient reach. Stonewall, LA is only about 60’ minutes drive away from major Texan cities like Austin and San Antonio. Another destination option is the city of Fredericksburg which is just 13 miles away.

This is not to say that Stonewall, LA is placid, dull, or boring. Stonewall realtors like us would be happy to show you the many exciting things to do in Stonewall. Again, as we said earlier, these activities make the family ties or those of groups of friends stronger. Call it legacy or heritage, a lot of these community events have been passed down, albeit with some changes, from one generation to another.

History and legacy

This brings us to another reason why Stonewall is very family-friendly: many of its early citizens or pioneers were composed of families. While that might also be true of other states or regions, what makes this town’s particular history different is that the families knew each other. These were groups of people who regarded each other as friends and invited each other to join them in their journeys to the place that would soon be known as Stonewall.

The first settler, Colonel Edwards, brought his spouse, children, and other relatives to a place they called Bee Gum Community, which was just three miles east of the current town. As an example of a legacy-related activity, Stonewall annually celebrates its Bee Gum Festival to commemorate this event. They made the trek from Society Hall, South Carolina, and soon enough, their friend and acquaintances also joined them. Clans with names like Witherspoon, Marshall, and Hollembeak soon settled in the North DeSoto area.

These first families and others like them, as well as their descendants, were responsible for the growth and rebuilding of Stonewall, LA. Clans belonging to the Williamsons, Powells, Andrewses, Loftuses, Nicholsons, Berrys, Gilmers, Lafittes, and Halls (among others) became the first pillars of the Stonewall community.

Today, Stonewall, LA continues that tradition of being neighborly and mindful of the people with whom you live. Don’t be surprised to find out that many people looking for other alternative places to live are checking announcements or listings of homes for sale in Stonewall, LA.

Homes for Sale in Stonewall, LA

If you take a cursory look at listings of houses for sale in Stonewall, LA, they will show that the median home value of a home in the town is around $300,000. The listings of homes for sale in Stonewall, LA show that most of them have typically three to four bedrooms and two to three bathrooms. The average size of these residences ranges from 1,500 square meters to about 3,700 square meters.

The architectural style of these homes varies, because of the town’s history as well as the mixture of rural roots and the addition of suburban comfort. A property for sale in Stonewall LA can be a renovated farmhouse adapted for modern use or a classically structured dwelling with influences of French and English design. Some of the older and more affluent, families even had Greek architecture and design dominate or pervade their dwellings’ exteriors and interiors.

Why You’ll Love Stonewall, LA

Stonewall, LA is a very affordable area to live in with an overall cost of living index score of 92, given that the US average is set at 100. This means that on a day-to-day basis, you’ll be better off living in Stonewall, LA than in most other US cities or towns.

It’s interesting to note that home prices are comparable to the national average, but are considerably more expensive than homes in other parts of the state. While the index score for homes in Stonewall is 100.8, the number given to Louisiana as a whole is 64.9. Clearly, there are many cheaper homes in the state, but then you wouldn’t get the benefits of living in this town. The fact that housing in Stonewall is generally more expensive than in other parts of the state is a testament to how desirable Stonewall, LA is as a destination.

When it comes to groceries and utilities, you are a little better off with index scores of 97. Where you can really save is in the miscellaneous expenditures such as clothing, going out, repairs, and services, this is massively lower than the national average with an index score of only 75.2.

Peace and order

What the residents can and do appreciate about their town is its low crime rate, compared to other U.S. areas. The total crime rate is only one for 1,000 people. Remarkably, there is zero violent crime for the same group. As to crimes that damage property, including homes, they also number only one for every 1,000 individuals. All this means that petty theft and other misdemeanors as well as property crimes are very few and far between, and serious crimes and assaults are practically non-existent.


When it comes to education, the town has a total of 16 schools, composed of four pre-schools, two elementary schools; two middle schools, one high school, four public district schools, and three private schools. has given the following top ratings when it comes to academic performance, the North DeSoto Elementary School, the North DeSoto Middle School, and the North DeSoto High School.

The Stonewall Elementary School has also received positive reviews because of its personalized care for its young students. The children can receive plenty of one-to-one attention from their teachers as their numbers do not exceed 100 in any given year.

Outdoor activities

Many of the outdoor activities found in Stonewall, LA are community-based. They are also designed for a dual purpose: to help keep you healthy and get you more acquainted with your neighbors. The community calendar is filled with events like hikes along historical sites, 5k to 10k marathons; and a trail run that reaches nine miles. For events that are more directly related to health, there are dance classes, Zumba and yoga sessions, and physical fitness classes.

A large community park has become a popular venue for gatherings like birthday parties, wedding receptions, graduation and other school celebrations, and clan reunions, especially during major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The park’s features, such as a state-of-the-art playground and a baseball diamond invite people of all ages to participate and play in the activities. For residents or visitors who are not into sports or who do not have young children to watch over, a walking path with fruit trees is nearby where they can relax by taking a leisurely stroll.

Watching Wildlife

If you prefer to watch animals (especially chimps) visit Chimp Haven which is only a 16-minute drive away from Stonewall. The haven is 200 acres of space designed for the protection and care of these wonderful animals. It’s an opportunity to watch our closest relatives and be fascinated at how their societies so closely resemble ours.

Only 11 minutes drive away is The Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary, a non-profit that as the name suggests, takes care of big cats and also our smaller domestic ones. It’s a very driven organization that relies very much on the passion of the workers there as well as any contributions.

Toledo Bend Lake

There is also more to Stonewall than its pinewoods and verdant forests. Toledo Bend Lake is one of the popular fishing lakes in the state, complemented by the nearby Sabine River and Pierre Lake. Boating rides give its passengers a more appreciative view of these waters. In the meantime, regular fishing tournaments are held to see which of the contestants can catch the most fish. There are a lot of these freshwater species in the water, such as bream, catfish, and white bass, among others.


As to the major festivals, the Bee Gum Festival and Christmas Parades, as previously mentioned, draw in the entire town to participate. Nobody in Stonewall would want to miss them.

Dining delights

The restaurants, cafes, and diners that stretch along the streets of Stonewall can be described as both varied and comforting. Regardless of the cuisine that is served, the food will be hearty and the service will always come with a smile.

If you’re looking for a great grill, try Shank Cat’s Barbecue, where the food is always great and the atmosphere is easy and laid back.

For Mexican cuisine, visit El Patio Mexican Grill where you can enjoy simple Mexican cuisine while you enjoy a cold beer.

For those with a sweet tooth, head down to Over The Top Gourmets for the delectable chocolate, butter, and strawberry cakes. There’s a whole menu of different delights to try. Alternatively, there’s the Sugar Shack, a charming trailer offering not only seriously good desserts but also delicious meals.

Settling Down in Stonewall

If settling down in this peaceful lovely town is something you are considering, we would love to show you around and help you explore your options. At Osborn Hays Real Estate, you’ll find passionate people who are very experienced and knowledgeable about the properties and homes for sale in Stonewall, LA.

However, that’s only part of what makes us the real estate professionals of choice in the area. We take an individualized, personalized approach to each client and make sure that the property you buy is not just within your financial reach, but reflects your aspirations and can serve your long-term goals.

We are also well-acquainted with the various aspects of Stonewall, LA. We can show you the destinations that would be most important to you, such as home locations, schools, business districts, and health centers. We can connect you with the town’s associations, which in turn can give you an overview of what it offers in terms of community and leisurely activities.

In short, we’re here to make your relocation smooth and successful.

Contact us at 318.603.3641 or leave us a message here and we’ll get right back to you.

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